Couples Counseling

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Couples counseling helps partners dialogue about pressing issues while shedding light on the patterns of connecting that underlie the difficulties. In this process, there is also an emphasis on developing the attitudes and skills necessary for the couple to have a fulfilling and enjoyable relationship.

Who is couples counseling for?

For couples that:

  • want to strengthen their connection
  • have challenges with communication
  • run into trouble when problem-solving
  • are facing repeating conflicts
  • experience distance and loneliness in the relationship
  • feel that the romance and the attraction between them have been lost
  • are concerned about the relationship and are looking for specific ways to improve it
How counseling can contribute to the quality of your relationship?
  • By discussing the topics of concern in a safe space you can have the conversation on a different level so that new alternatives can be uncovered.
  • By mastering new communication approaches you can expand your problem-solving repertoire and decrease both the intensity and the frequency of conflict situations.
  • In the process you begin understanding not only your partner even better but also what drives you to react to one another in the same repetitive and predictable pattern.
  • Gradually you acquire the sensitivity and the strength to catch yourselves in the act and to interrupt the vicious circle that might have been established over the years.
  • You lean how to negotiate about your needs and to find solutions that are good for both of you.
  • You find out which habitual patterns have destructive effect on the relationship and how they can be altered in order to interrupt the distancing and to restore closeness.
  • Understanding how "third" people and things interfere in your relationship you can be more aware how to better protect it.
  • By implementing small changes between sessions you can nurture your connection and to fortify the trust.
  • Working on the partnership can bring to the surface how the partners' family history is reflected in the relationship, and thus can help preventing the transmission of family difficulties to the next generation.

If you are wondering if couples counseling is right for you, contact me for a free initial consultation.

Relationship Check-up

Couples often ask me if their relationship will last over time. Beneath the surface lie unspoken questions: Are we compatible? Did I choose the right person? If we have such quarrels, are we meant for each other? Many couples silently ask themselves such questions as they face the challenges of their partnership.

Based on long-term studies of more than 3,000 couples, the Gottman Institute has developed a methodology that can be used to assess the relationship. Through the check-up, the strengths of the partnership can be outlined, as well as specific areas for improvement.

Use the results of decades of research to make a difference in your relationship!