Why coaching?

Have you ever felt that you’d like to work with someone to develop yourself further, to expand your capabilities or make progress in a specific area, yet counseling didn’t seem to be the right solution?

Coaching gives you the space to move towards what you’d like to achieve and gain distance from what was holding you back, without having to dive deep into the past.

A coaching relationship is a partnership that is focused on starting from here and now and creating your future. In this thought-provoking and creative process, you can tap into your untapped resources and use them to take actions that move you in the desired direction. Also, coaching can provide you with the necessary support and the right amount of challenge to overcome the roadblocks that may stand between you and your preferred outcomes. Through coaching you can stay connected to who you could be at your best and design for yourself effective strategies, specify action steps and consistently make progress.

What is a coaching relationship with me suitable for?

  • Clarifying your Vision about life
  • Defining your goals and making measurable progress
  • Creating momentum and ensuring personal growth
  • Developing strategies and designing solutions
  • Accessing resourceful states and utilizing your untapped resources
  • Making decisions with confidence
  • Introducing changes in your personal or work life or weathering transitions

If you are curious what a coaching session might feel like with me, contact me for a free discovery session.