Psychological Counseling

Psychological counseling is a service that provides the space and tools for self-exploration in order to build a deeper self-knowledge and understanding of your mind, emotions, and behavior. In the therapeutic process, you have the opportunity to examine your model of the world, recognize recurring limiting patterns, and process difficult moments from the past.

When is psychological counseling appropriate?

Psychological counseling can be useful in a variety of situations where you may feel that you need to cope on your own, but you are struggling to find a solution or you are looking for help from those around you, but they do not have the resources to help you .

  • You often feel insecure and anxious
  • You slip into states of depression
  • You have difficulties coping with emotions
  • You feel blocked and unable to make changes
  • It seems to you that you are sabotaging yourself
  • Your mind is often racing with disturbing thoughts
  • Stress is destabilizing you and you find it hard to manage
  • You are passing through hard times
  • You experience a lot of self-criticism and self-doubt
  • You ask yourself why you feel in a way that makes no sense
  • You return over and over again to some difficult moments in the past
  • In your life story there are some upsetting experiences that you avoid discussing
  • You feel tense an anxious in social situations
  • You run into troubles in close relationships
  • You find t hard to set and maintain your boundaries
  • You find yourself in the same repeating situations in relationships and you don't know why
  • Опитвате се да се справите с раздяла или загуба
What are the benefits of psychological counseling?
  • By understanding the deeper structures of your beliefs about yourself, about others, and bout the way life works, you can rewrite the outdated and limiting rules and create a new trajectory for your future.
  • By exploring and understanding how your relational context has shaped you can break the old ways of interacting and find new opportunities for authentic and deep intimacy.
  • By shedding the habitual patterns that have limited life's possibilities, you can get in touch with your previously inaccessible resources and be free to dream, to act, to develop, to create, to sustain, to care, to love and be loved.
What happens in the process of psychological counseling?

Psychological counseling can be described as a time travel that allows you to move between past, present and future.

  • In the process we may revisit important periods in your past to find out what conclusions you may have drawn about yourself, about others and about life and to consider how these beliefs are reflected in the present. Sometimes, some of the beliefs we have accepted to be true at some stage may not be serving us well and counseling allows us to question them in a supportive environment.
  • In this process, we may go back in the plot of your personal story line to discover the moments that led to key decisions that affect the quality of your life now.
  • By going back, we can track who were the significant others whose role had impact on your development and to determine the effect of their influence in the present.
  • By delving into the story that has shaped you, you will be able to better understand what perpetuates the difficulties you are facing and find new alternatives.
  • By bringing up to the surface the thoughts and beliefs that run you, the habitual emotional and repeating behavior patterns, you will gain better understanding of yourself and you will develop attitudes and capabilities for better dealing with the demands of your daily life and better handling challenging times.

But predicaments don't always stem from the past.

When we are going through a period of transition and we are rearranging our lives to adapt to multiple changes, it is not unusual to experience a crisis. Separation and loss are some of the most complex examples of circumstances that put us to the test. But sometimes even multiple positive changes like moving to another place, starting a business or having a child can also overwhelm us and lead to feeling that our resources are overextended and we are unable to cope with the new reality.

At such times, we often need additional resources and skills to help us through.

In the counseling process, we join forces so that you can build self-knowledge, emotional coping skills, and an understanding of how to recognize and meet your needs by mobilizing your own resources and support network.

If you are wondering if psychological counseling is right for you, contact me for a free first consultation.