Welcome to my space!

Since you have arrived here, I could assume that there might be a longing for change, growth or quality of connection, that is leading your heart in this search

You are in the right place.

I serve my clients as an educator, a counselor and a coach coach and I accompany them in challenging times of transition, growth and transformation.

I believe that there are only perfect, well-intentioned, unique human beings that might be currently constricted by their predicaments and only temporarily disconnected from their mighty and beautiful essence. Even though it may seem as if the challenges are insurmountable, doomed to be permanent and pervasive, change and growth are always possible.

I am committed to empowering people to live up to their potential, to create a fulfilling life at all ages and to reinvent themselves at pivotal moments.


Psychological counseling is a service that provides the space and tools for self-exploration in order to build a deeper self-knowledge and understanding of your mind, emotions, and behavior. In the therapeutic process, you have the opportunity to examine your model of the world, recognize recurring limiting patterns, and process difficult moments from the past.

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Couples counseling helps partners dialogue about pressing issues while shedding light on the patterns of connecting that underlie the difficulties. In this process, there is also an emphasis on developing the attitudes and skills necessary for the couple to have a fulfilling and enjoyable relationship.

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Coaching is suitable for those of you who wish to outgrow yourself, expand your abilities or advance in a certain area without burying yourself in the past. Through this process, you can gain access to more of your own untapped resources, overcome obstacles, determining your goals and realizing your aspirations step by step.

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